In any form of technical communication it is clear and unambiguous content that is the key. The first impression is all important when the completed documentation is presented to the intended audience. For this to be successful the documentation will need proofreading or editing to ensure that the end user fully understands the written word.

Do you have to polish your writing skills, improve any of your presentations, proofread or edit any of the documentation you have written? You will find a lot of people which is why proofreading and editing has become an integral part of technical communications.

proofreadingAny errors in your content will be an embarrassment. You have to ensure that your written words are accurate and work for you. Just making one mistake could give a completely different interpretation of what you wrote. This is why a proofreader is needed to pick out the errors in the documentation and the editor will ensure the style stays consistent.

A proofreader or editor will give your content an independent review which you as the technical writer will find it impossible to achieve impartially.

Proofreading is how you address punctuation, spelling, typographic or grammatical errors in your content. It is very easy to overlook any mistakes and some errors can be an embarrassment if the document is not checked before publication.

Whereas, editing addresses the overall style of the documentation. Within all writing professions editing takes care of the presentation, in both the content and formatting a thorough editing will ensure an overall consistency of both the style and readability of the document.

In today’s world of instant communication it is very important to use the services of a professional proofreader or editor because one badly incorrectly placed or misspelt word or sentence will give a very different impression to your reader than what you were trying to portray.

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