It is always difficult trying to establish a new career especially when you don’t know whether you have the skill set required for the profession.

This is often the case with the technical writing profession, especially with aspiring writers who want to become a technical writer but have no previous experience in the industries and businesses where technical writers are employed.

One of the big drawbacks for any writer trying to break into the technical writing profession is that they cannot produce any examples of previous technical writing. A lot of employers ask to see if you have a portfolio of examples.

technical writerHowever, this is not something to worry too much about because it is not as difficult as it may at first seem to become a technical writer.

If you have any form of writing experience then this will go a long way in helping you break into the technical writing profession.

A great way to enhance your chances of getting a job as a technical writer is to enrol into a technical writing course. There are several very good online courses available that will help you get an appreciation for technical writing. Technical writing is not career that requires extensive study and preparation (unless you decide to take a degree course).

Irrespective of how many courses you undertake the most important thing for a technical writer is to choose a field where technical writers are employed in which you have some sort of knowledge or experience. This is a great asset because you have a background in the language and terminology that you will find necessary to write the technical documentation for the company you have approached.

A great way of opening the door to a career in technical writing is if you know somebody who is already employed in the profession. They will be able to give you some advice on how to go about applying for positions within the profession. They might even be able to recommend you to their company or even give you reference for any other positions and companies you apply to. Never underestimate the value of contacts and insiders in your search for a role within the technical writing profession.

Technical writing is a specialised field of work and maybe a profession that you didn’t originally intended to pursue, but it is not as difficult to become a technical writer as you first thought. There are a wide variety of opportunities within the technical writing profession and there is every possibility that you could be employed as a technical writer far sooner than you think.

If you work on your writing and grammar skills and can offer a portfolio with examples of your work, perseverance can help you in pursuing your goal to become a technical writer.

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