A technical writer is increasingly seeing his role expand with all the latest technology available today. The majority of these new products are a result of the growth of the internet. A technical writer who can keep up-to-speed with all this new technology will give them a significant advantage over other technical writers.

Online Communications

There are several major reasons why major companies are using the internet for their online communications and technical documentation instead of traditional marketing methods.

Low costs – it is a lot cheaper professional looking website and direct traffic to it.

technical writerWider reach – the internet has no boundaries. It has created a global marketplace that allows companies to tap into a multitude of buyers. This global audience will online get bigger and bigger when the Eastern countries (India, China, etc) come more online.

Unlimited space – a traditional company is physically restricted by the amount of storage space they have. With the internet there are limitations. One web site can display thousands of products at virtually no cost at all.

Constant contact – the advent of emails has slashed the cost of communicating with customers to virtually nothing. Just think what it used to cost for printing and mailing all the business related information in the past.

Online documentation – Using the internet is not just limited to marketing a company’s products and services. Online documentation saves companies a vast amount of money because it has done away with the printing and distribution costs for all their technical documentation. Plus it cuts down on the use of paper consequently saving trees and creating a greener environment.

Technical writers need to know about these benefits and they can exploit them for their own benefit as well. It is good to let prospective employers or clients know how you feel about these issues because it will create an impression that you care how you can help their businesses and increase your credibility as a technical writer.

The New Components of Technical Writing

The role of a technical writer has expanded to include the following:

  • Email Marketing
  • Online Surveys
  • Websites that could include landing pages, sales pages and auto responders
  • Ezine Newsletters
  • Blogs
  • Online Forums
  • Online Product Descriptions
  • Online Catalogues and Brochures
  • Social Media Administration (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc)
  • Article Writing.

Most of these require the technical writer to use their technical writing skills to create the information required. The good thing for a technical writer is that by adding this form of communication skills to their profile they are not only increasing their income, but they are giving the employer or client a complete one top shop for all their documentation needs. If a technical writer adds all these skills to their arsenal they will be increasing their value as a technical writer.

If you have the ability research the information you need and can combine this ability with an ability to write clear and concise documentation then you will find that technical writing will be a very rewarding profession.

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